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Be More Physically Active.

The Bonner County Coalition for Health is focused on improving the health of ALL residents of Bonner County.  We believe that the entire family benefits from Physical Activity.  Here we will post information on Physical Activity. You will see that it is not merely to change your appearance, although that is a benefit, but also there are other rewards as well.

About Physical Activity.

Exercise readjusts your metabolism and can help readjust your cholesterol levels. There may be social benefits. Children need to play. We will give hints on how to know how hard to push yourself, how to find the time and how to overcome other obstacles. But, mostly we will try to point you to the opportunities for physical activity in the community.

The Many Benefits of Physical Activity:


Reduce Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Reduce Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome

Reduce Your Risk of Some Cancers


Strengthen Your Bones & Muscles

Improve Your Mental Health & Mood

Improve Your Ability to do Daily Activities & Prevent Falls

Increase Your Changes of Living Longer, if you're an older person

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Resources for Physical Activity.

If you are pregnant and your doctor tells you it is OK to increase your physical activity, here are some reasons why that is a great idea and how you can get started.


Kids need to be active too. Here are some ideas to help kids get more active


Local Resources for Physical Activity


Medicaid offers assistance for gym memberships:

Curves in Ponderay

Curves in Bonners Ferry

Iron Mike’s in Bonners Ferry

Natural Fitness in Sandpoint

Bonner General Hospital in Sandpoint


Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Preventative Health Assistance website or call (208) 364-1843


Find a gym, classes, and or training with the help of:

Sandpoint Parks and Recreation or call (208) 263-3613


For walking groups

Prescription Park Program

Walk With A Doc



Community yoga classes

Down Town Yoga

Sandpoint Hot Yoga


Follow American Heart Association recommendations

Healthy Living


Get active with the help of Sandpoint Parks and Recreation Phone

Sandpoint Parks and Recreation or call (208) 263-3613


Cardiac Rehabilitation

Bonner General

Kootenai Health