Our Commitment.

Mission: To decrease chronic disease in Bonner County by increasing access to healthy foods and increasing opportunities for physical activity for all residents of Bonner County, Idaho. We are also attempting to increase awareness of resources for health and wellness in our community.

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Helpful Facts

Understanding nutrition and physical activity better can lead to choices that improve overall health, which in turn often leads to a higher quality of life.

Children are especially greatly effected by nutrition, but in order to have a positive impact on the children we must have a positive impact on the whole family. (This is part of a public health initiative called Community Partnerships for Healthy Mothers and Children (CPHMC), driven by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention)


Increase access to healthy food and beverage options and foster interest in choosing those options

Improve knowledge of chronic disease prevention, risk reduction, and disease management through community and clinical links

Encourage people to seek out preventative services in the community

Advise people to speak to their health care providers about non-pharmaceutical ways to improve their health alongside whatever other treatments are recommended.


We are working in partnership with the Super One Foods in Sandpoint with the “Change for Change” program, which offers certain foods at reduced prices for any shoppers participating in the program. The “Harvesting Our Health” project is concerned with increasing the number of community gardens in our county.

We are increasing links between community and clinical services available to everyone in our community.  We are doing this in partnership with Sandpoint Community Resource Center and local healthcare providers.

Implementing Healthy Lifestyle Rx, a non-pharmaceutical way to improve health in addition to other recommended treatments.

Creating a healthier community requires the cooperation of local businesses, the city, and its residents. By participating in these programs, you can help us improve opportunities for both yourself and all our residents by providing better access to healthy foods and activities so that everyone has a chance to live a healthier life.

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