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Welcome to Healthy Lifestyle Rx!

Health and Wellness Rx (Prescriptions) are created so your doctor or nurse practitioner can help you improve your health by making changes in what you eat, how you move, and how you think and feel.

Why is it Important?

Many people can become fit and feel better by making lifestyle changes- they just don’t know where to start!


How does it Work?

The prescription will help you and your doctor/nurse discuss healthy lifestyle changes.  The prescription will also guide you to the resources that are available in your community to help with nutrition/ exercise and overall wellness.


It will be up to you to follow these prescriptions just like you would take a medication.  If you do this you are likely to see great results!


"I received a Healthy Lifestyle Rx"

If you have received a Healthy Lifestyle Rx from one of our Health and Wellness providers.

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