Welcome to Change for Change!

Bonner County Coalition for Health Presents Change for Change offered at Super 1 Foods in Sandpoint. Choose healthy foods, earn cash rewards and get paid to get healthy.

How to Participate?

Go to the Super 1 Foods store located at 624 Larch Street, Sandpoint and simply follow the guidelines below:

Purchase healthy food items on special at Super 1 Foods. New choices of fresh fruits, vegetables or legumes, low fat dairy or whole grain food will be offered every two weeks.


Receive $1.00 coupon at checkout for each special item purchased.


Receive $5.00 coupon at checkout if all four items are purchased.


Redeem coupon at Super 1 within the next 30 days. Total store purchase must be at least $25 to redeem coupons.


Submit your own healthy recipe and enter to win $100 shopping spree. Recipe contest rules


Submit Your Recipe

Featured Food Items and Helpful Recipes

This week’s Healthy Food Items at Super 1 Foods



Red pepper

Swiss cheese

Olive oil


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