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Bonner County Coalition for Health is committed to helping area residents improve their quality of life by offering both advice and opportunity regarding NUTRITION and PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. Welcome!

Easily find affordable healthy food and beverage options. Click Nutrition for more information about healthy choices and Nutrition

Get helpful information and tips on physical activity and what works for the whole family. Click Physical Activity for more information on Physical Activity

Your Community is here to help.

We want to provide you with preventative services in the community and also to speak with health care providers about non-pharmaceutical ways to improve your health in addition to other recommended treatments.

Helpful links to programs and organizations to improve your quality of life.

Get paid to get healthy! Bonner County Coalition for Health presents, CHANGE for CHANGE. Special prices for fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and whole grain items to keep your family healthy.

Health and Wellness Rx (Prescriptions) are created so your doctor or nurse practitioner can help you improve your health by making changes in what you eat, how you move, and how you think and feel. Get more information about HEALTHY Rx

Bridging the gap between people in need and those who serve. Contact SCRC for a caring and compassionate connection to available resources in our Bonner and Boundary County communities.

We are investing in developing and expanding community and school gardens, including at the Senior Center and Early Head Start. Get more information about